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As online marketing continues to evolve, more and more trends are favoring video. Outstanding video content has the power to brand a company and convert sales. Whether it’s a promotional/product video, web video, social media content, or music video, we want your content to be compelling, and generate the larger audience it deserves.

Our mission is to create attractive, clear and unique video content that moves and inspires, to:

  • - Build trust
  • - Attract buyers
  • - Gain brand awareness

We’ve already created content for television, guidebooks, advertising, and more. Let us help you elevate your brand!

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Milky Way in Vernal, Utah

This is a collection of time-lapse and aerial videography taken around the Vernal, Utah area. We encountered clear night skies over the new moon period to capture some remarkable milky way footage, that we are so excited to share with you!

Goblin Valley, Utah

This is a collection of time-lapses and aerial videography taken on our visit to the unique Goblin Valley State Park in Utah. This amazing and strange landscape of sandstone formations is unlike any other!

Into the Dark

A collection of time-lapses and video shots throughout the night or transitioning from light to dark!

Northern Lights

This is our time lapse series featuring the Northern Lights captured in Barrhead, AB, Canada. It required many late and cold nights (-25 C / -13 F), but it was so worth it to see the lights!


Time lapses taken in Yosemite National Park, Tahoe, and Bonneville Salt Flats - Fall 2015

Skies and Light

This is a collection of time lapses of the skies we encountered during our travels across North America.


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